Top 10 Short Term Small Investment Options

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Clocks of our minds start ticking on hearing of investment. Where to invest? How to invest? How much to invest? What will be the results? Is it safe to invest?These are just few of the many questions which pile up in our brains when we think of securing capital. Investment altogether is a necessity for a financially secured future. It is basically of two types – long term and short term.Banner-280120When talking about short term investment, it is designed to provide considerable returns in a short span of time which can be a year or even few months.

It is more focused to meet the expected near future expenses. People who are inclined towards short-term investment are not interested in waiting for years in order to get their money multiplied.

With short term investments, one can expect optimum returns to meet their financial objectives, but not great results as in the case of long-term investments. Owing to the low risks involved, it remains a favorite choice among investors.

Highlights of Short-Term Best Investments Options –

  • Short turnaround time
  • Optimum returns for less investment
  • Lesser investment amount
  • High liquidity

Let’s pick out the ten best short-term investments from the sea of investments and know about them –

1. Gold or Silver

Gold and silver are like the ever growing trees of investment forest, handy for both long and short-term investments.

It is sure to give huge returns as the price of gold is increasing every day and sheen of this metal is never going to fade away.

2. Savings Account

For the ones who hate to take risks, savings account is the best option to invest in.

The returns are not very substantial but yes there is zero risk percentage and high liquidity. Savings account in different banks are offered at different interest rates.

3. Debt Instruments

Debt instruments are a good investment option specially for risk-averse individuals.

Securing capital and providing good results with no fear of market volatility, debt mutual funds are good place to invest. Giving returns upto 10.5%, this is a good choice for short tenure savings.

4. Bank Fixed Deposit

Most of us are interested towards bank FDs when talking about secure investments. With a minimum period of 30 days, one can keep his money to a maximum of 10 years in a FD.

An individual has all rights to withdraw his money before the maturity date but it is better to withdraw money after maturity to get all the benefits.

5. Large Cap Mutual Funds

Large cap mutual funds are those wherein the investment is made selectively in the stocks of large business organizations to achieve substantial growth in a short period of time.

These can give you quick and smart returns within 1 to 3 years of investment tenure.

6. Treasury Securities

Treasury securities or the treasury bills are a good investment option offering high liquidity, safety and satisfying returns. Their maturity dates vary from 91 days to 365 days.

7. Stock Market /Derivatives

Shares, commodities and derivatives are a favorable avenue for people possessing good market knowledge and high risk appetite. The investment can be for a short or long time span.

8. Fixed Maturity Small Investment Plans

FMPs or Fixed Maturity Plans are the closed ended debt funds. These are transparent and flexible with a definite end date. They have a high tax efficiency, where only dividend distribution tax is applicable on it.

9. Money Market Account

Popularly known as liquid funds, money market accounts are designed to give you security of capital as well as worthy returns.

With a maturity time limit of 91 days, these do not posses any lock-in period, offering high liquidity and least risk among the mutual funds.

10. Investments in NCD’s/ Corporate or Company Deposits

Select a secured NCD (Non-convertible debentures) for securing your capital and avail attractive interest rates varying from 9% to 12%.

Now you don’t need to ponder anymore on issues like where and how much to invest. If you’re sailing in the boat of short-term investments than above mentioned investment options are some of the best destinations for you to stop-think-invest.

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