Top 10 benefits of ICICI Travel Insurance

travel-medical-insuranceIf you have travel plans this festive season, then consider making travel insurance an essential part of your trip.

A good travel insurance policy can minimize many risks related to travelling such as loss of documents, accidents, illnesses, cancelled or missed flights, lost baggage, theft, etc.

For many travellers, insurance is a safe deal; for others, it’s just an expense. ICICI offers insurance packages ranging from corporate travel to single trip and multi-trip travel.

Its insurance plans are highly traveller-centric and are planned to address convenience of senior citizens, frequent travellers and students.

We have listed below some of the major benefits of buying a travel insurance policy from ICICI:

1. Peace of mind

For any traveller, peace of mind is integral. Many times, we worry about whether our belongings will be insured against theft, damage or loss.

To make your tour hassle-free, ICICI’s travel insurance offers complete peace of mind for you and has customised packages to suit all your travel needs.

2. Age

ICICI’s travel insurance policies cater to travellers of all ages. The senior citizen plans include greater cover for illnesses, medical care and hospitalization.

Many of its plans also offer assistance to your dependents at home at a reasonable premium.

3. Worldwide Cashless Hospitalization Facility

Another major benefit of buying a travel insurance policy from ICICI is the worldwide cashless hospitalization facility, where the company settles the hospital bill of a traveller directly.

Some special policies are also available for senior citizens between the age group of 71 and 85 years.

4. Baggage and Documentation

Many travellers also consider buying a travel insurance to secure their baggage and important documents such as passport.

ICICI has insurance policies that compensate the travellers for the loss or theft of checked-in baggage with a pre-decided amount.

5. Convenience

Among many other salient features, travel plans offer comprehensive coverage without a compulsory medical examination (for travellers less than 85 years of age) and instant online policy issuance.

6. Round the Clock Assistance

ICICI has a dedicated phone line or contact via email that help travellers connect with the company instantly in an event of emergency. The process of claim settlement is fairly quick and transparent.

7. Trip Termination

A medical emergency might lead to the termination of your trip midway. A comprehensive travel insurance plan covering expenses for the unexpected return journey can prove beneficial at times.

8. Compensation

Many insurance service providers offer compensation in case of unexpected flight delays due to technical snags, bad weather or other factors.

ICICI offers comprehensive travel insurance packages ensuring that you receive a certain amount per day as compensation for the delay caused to your airline’s change of plans.

9. Home Safety

A good travel insurance policy secures your home while you are on a trip. Specific plans provide comprehensive coverage for theft and fire.

The family members or dependents back home could opt for automotive assistance or medical concierge.

10. Refund of Premium

In case of early return, the company refunds certain part of the traveller’s premium if no claims have been made, subject to a minimum of 1 month left for the travel insurance plan to expire.

The above outlined benefits highlight the importance of investing in a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

To bail you out of a crisis situation, it is advisable that you avail a travel insurance policy that suits your needs and help you enjoy your trip in a stress-free manner.

Also, all policies vary in the levels of coverage they offer, so it’s imperative to make sure that you read all the documents carefully and select the best travel insurance plan for your trip.

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