Wolf of Tax Street

There is no nobility in poverty! A popular line so runs…

It’s easy to be the Wolf of Tax Street- just plan your investments well, saving on taxes and then reaping returns!

Here are a few avenues through which you can actually be a tax expert!Wolf of Tax Street

  • Buy a Health Insurance Policy- Safeguard your family, pay a tax free premium and save tax!


  • Equity Mutual Funds- Investment in equity mutual funds is completely tax free! Simply don’t sell of your off your equity shares before 1 year to gain profits.
  • Daily Travel Allowance- Hassled by travelling to office? Don’t be as this is tax free!
  • Reserve medical bills – Visiting the doctor? Keep your medical bills intact and save tax!
  • Meal Coupons – Ask your employer to issue meal coupons every month. Sodexos are tax free!
  • House Rent Allowance- Claim House Rent Allowance (HRA) to save tax on your house rent.

Reduce your taxes, provide coverage for your family and become a pro!!

Curated from Wolf of Tax Street


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