Top 6 Best Term Insurance Policy Plans in India

Life is uncertain and it has no CTRL+Z. Let’s make our life extraordinary today. If you ignore to think about you future, then in the long run you might regret for the chance you didn’t take.

Insurance policy

Start planning to bring a smile on your family’s face. A few wise decisions to save money can sustain the happiness of your family, with the same financial health even after you die.

Choose a best term insurance plan that will help you and your family to cope up with any uncertain circumstances.

However, we have collected some best policies from to help you. Check out top policies of this year:

1. LIC e-Term Insurance: Life Insurance Corporation offers a fast, easy and a secure option to purchase e-term insurance via online. All you need to do is to fill in the details and make your payment through internet banking.

It offers highest life death claim settlement ratio of about 98.14 percent. A policy holder should have crossed a minimum age of 18 years to get enrolled for the policy with a minimum sum assured of Rs.25 Lakhs. The LIC e-term Insurance has a policy term that ranges from 10 to 35 years.

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