Tips for Reducing your Life Insurance Premium

Insurance Premium

Mode of Premium payment as annual

Choosing the annual mode of payment reduces the premium cost. Insurance companies add extra charges to cover additional costs incurred by them if you pay multiple premium rather than a single yearly premium.

These additional charges increase insurance cost thus ultimately increasing your premium amount.

Start at a young age

The premium of insurance plans increases with age. At a young age, you are medically fit and physically sound. This helps in reducing the insurance cost and in turn reduces your premium amount.

Tenure of the policy

The longer the term of the policy, lower will be the premium. Longer duration polices allow you to build the required corpus with smaller premiums.

Do not take riders that you do not need

Additional benefits on policies come with additional charges and increase your cost of premium. You can lower premium costs by opting only for those riders that you actually need.

Keep yourself Fit

Health related issues, disability problems, smoking and drinking habits, risky lifestyle, all add to the insurance cost thus increasing insurance premium. Keep yourself healthy and fit to get the benefit of lower insurance premiums.

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