New Insurance scheme for Small Tea Garden workers, backed by Indian Tea Board

New Insurance scheme for Small Tea Garden workers

SILIGURI: Each one of around 1.5 lakh workers of all the small tea gardens (STG) in India are going to get an insurance cover of Rs 2 lakh against own payment of Rs 3.5 only per annum. Under direct support of Indian Tea Board(ITB), the accidental insurance scheme is likely to get introduced pan country from 1st April.”We are excited to have such a nice scheme that we have been asking for since long. We are thankful to Indian Tea Board for supporting this in such a big way,” said Mr. B. G. Chakroborty, President of Confederation of Indian Small Tea Growers Association ( CISTA), the umbrella organization of Indian Small Tea Growers.Banner-280120According to ITB officials, The Group personal Accident Insurance scheme will provide compensation to STG workers within age group of 18 to 70 years in the event of bodily injuries or death caused by accident. Premium per worker per annum has been worked out as Rs 14.

Out of it, the board will bear 75 per cent while the workers need to pay the rest 25 per cent amounting to be Rs 3.5.

The Master Policy will be issued by the Insurance Company in the name of Tea Board India on receipt of premium along with list of beneficiaries for whom premium have been paid.

“ITB is happy to introduce this scheme for the workers of this unorganized sector.

The scheme may come even more workers friendly if the garden owners shoulder the responsibility to pay the workers share of premium that is not a big sum.” said a senior ITB official.

According to him, it is difficult to assess exact number of beneficiary of the scheme at this moment as the national survey on workers profile of STGs is yet to be finished.

But Mr. Chakrovorty approximately figured the number of STG workers as around 1.5 lakh throughout the whole country.

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