Most Indian women claim to be insured: Survey

Most Indian women claim to be insured

Most Indian women claim to be insured and believe they are prepared for eventualities facing family, a survey said.

About 95% women claim to be aware about health insurance and 84 per cent said they are covered under a health insurance plan, an online survey conducted by ICICI Lombard General Insurance, said.

The survey was done among 876 women respondents aged between 22 and 55 years. It also revealed that about 70 per cent respondents claim to own a motor insurance policy.


Women give more importance to their family’s health (86 per cent) and safety (82 per cent) compared to their own health (47 per cent) and safety (21 per cent), the survey said.

Today’s women, while playing multiple roles, tend to focus more on their family’s health and wellbeing. They are savvied and show a sense of being prepared for eventualities.

It is indeed encouraging that most women respondents in our survey were themselves covered through an appropriate insurance cover, ICICI Lombard GIC Chief-Underwriting and Claims Sanjay Datta said.

It found that 51 per cent believe in adopting preventive measures.

The survey also revealed that 30 per cent would want to purchase a home. Also taking into account the recent catastrophic events, women are getting cautious day by day and are taking steps to secure their home and family, it opined.

This is evident from the responses wherein women gave importance to staying healthy (71 per cent), ensuring adequate saving (63 per cent), be cautious while travelling or driving (53 per cent).

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