Health Insurance Benefit Launched for Members in India

Health Insurance BenefitsIEEE members residing in India now may enroll in an IEEE-sponsored group medical insurance program.

The new exclusive program will provide comprehensive health insurance benefit for members and their families, including member’s dependent parents or in-laws.

Members between the ages of 18 and 85 may apply for the coverage and can choose their coverage level from 200,000, 300,000, 500,000, 700,000, or 1 million rupees.Banner-280120Dependent children are covered up to the age of 25. The dependent parents or in-laws can be enrolled up to the age of 85. The program covers preexisting medical conditions and waives medical tests.

To be eligible, the applicant must be an IEEE member, and have renewed the membership at least once.

The IEEE-sponsored group health insurance program launched on 1 April. This program is similar to IEEE-sponsored insurance plans in Canada and the United States, where members cite the insurance program as an attractive benefit along with other IEEE member benefits.

Ramakrishna Kappagantu, IEEE Region 10 director, says, “As part of our volunteers’ sustained and untiring efforts, I am happy that we have launched the medical insurance program for the members in India. Going forward, similar schemes can be introduced to other countries in Region 10.”

Coverage for parents is expensive in the Indian health insurance market, and employer group insurance plans typically exclude parents or require an expensive co-pay.

Kappagantu saw that lack of medical insurance coverage as an opportunity to develop an IEEE group policy.

He asked the IEEE India office to find an insurance company that could address the need. “After thorough due diligence, the National Insurance plan was selected” from the eight companies that responded to the proposal request, he says. National Insurance offered the best premium for the group program.

“We wanted the features of the plan to mirror a top-notch employer plan but be cost effective and attractive at the same time to those members who are seeking insurance on their own.”


Ongoing IEEE membership is a must for eligibility to renew insurance coverage.

In addition, members must be in good standing and residents of India as reflected in their member profile at the time of application.

Such rules prevent misuse of the plan and help to ensure its success over the long run. Those with coverage can get hospital services across the country.

Plan Administrator

National Insurance appointed MediAssist to administer the plan. MediAssist is handling online enrollment, member queries about coverage, and claims settlement. IEEE will verify applicants’ membership status and eligibility.

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