God’s own country is most morbid state in India


Kozhikode: Kerala has the dubious distinction of being the most morbid state in India, according to a survey by the National Sample Survey Organisation.

A seminar on ‘medicine, health and society’, organised by the Indian Medial Association, pointed out that Kerala reported 250 per cent more hospital visits than the national average.

Rural areas are sicker, the survey suggests. As many as 310 people in every thousand fell sick in rural areas in two weeks, compared to 306 in urban areas. In a year, 117 in every thousand has been hospitalised in rural areas, compared to 99 in urban areas.

India lags behind all countries when it comes to spending on healthcare. The government spends only less than 3 per cent of its total expenditure on healthcare.

About 86 per cent people in India are not covered by health insurance. A majority of those who have some kind of insurance protection are covered by government insurance.

Cancer treatment was the leading cause of spending in hospitals.

The IMA seminar said that the government was spending most of its money on unscientific healthcare methods, calling for a more scientific approach in the healthcare sector.

IMA Kerala president Dr. Sreejith N. Kumar inaugurated the seminar. Dr Ajith Bhaskar presided over the function.

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