Four harsh realities of Child Insurance policies

child insurance policies

For many parents, defining a goal that is 15-20 years away is not easy. Many make well intended decisions to invest for their children’s future goals such as education and marriage.

Is it more of an emotional decision to purchase a child plan than it is a financial?

Are child policies the best vehicles to invest for your children’s future goals? Below are 4 harsh realities of child insurance policies for parents to consider.

Low Cover Value

Child plans come with an insurance component to ensure the sum payable to the child is ensured in the event of premature demise of the parent.

The sum assured is usually painfully inadequate as most plans rely on a formula where the sum assured = Term * Annual premium /2.

This is against expert recommendation of an amount that is 7 to 10 times the annual salary of the earning parent.

Low Returns

Parents should also invest on the right options, child plans offer very low yields of 5-6% although they give an element of safety.

These plans compare dismally to what other investment options have delivered in the past. Equity mutual funds for instance have earned returns of 16.5% in the past decade.

Lower proportion of invested amount

Premiums paid for the child plans are divided in two; a section pays for the life cover while the other is invested in various instruments such as debt or equity.

This lowers the total sum allocated to the investment. In addition, insurance companies tend to deduct a higher proportion of their premium allocation upfront, lowering the amount invested during the initial years.

Low Flexibility

Where insurance companies provide options such as; switching options, waiver of premiums etc these options come with charges that are normally deducted from the amount invested further lowering the yield.

Worse still, if a parent stops the plan prematurely, they may suffer a loss.It is recommended that parents start saving and investing early for their children’s long term goal.

Parents have the task not only to invest their hard earned monies but also put in considerable effort to understand and choose the right investment vehicle. These harsh realities of child policies will help any parent when making these decisions.

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