Best Companies to Work in india


Over 700 organisations applied to be considered for a spot on the Best Workplaces List –  For 2015. Great Place To Work® Institute follows one of world’s most rigorous, credible and comprehensive methodologies to identify the organisations that make it to this prestigious list.

All organisations that apply for a spot on this list undergo an assessment. As part of this assessment, all organisations are studied through two different lenses.

Best Companies to Work in India: Full list

Its inclusion and relative place in the lists is based on its composite score that takes in to account both, its employees’ feedback score and the score of strength of its people practices.

Following are the Best Companies to Work in India(check out sector) : wins the slot.

Best Companies to Work in india

Best Companies to Work in india

Curated from India’s best companies to work for 2015: Industry wise winners – timesofindia-economictimes


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