Apollo Munich Health Insurance Further Uncomplicates Health Insurance With an Online Game – Kill the Killer

Driving Home the Importance of Dengue Care, Ahead of World Mosquito Day

Swatting mosquitoes is a chore for anyone, especially during the monsoon season, but Apollo Munich Health Insurance makes it FUN with an interactive online game Kill the Killer, combined with a public interest message.

Kill the Killer game is an innovative customer engagement tool that aims to educate people.

Not all mosquitos can be killed, one needs to stay completely covered rather than just merely using devices to banish them.

Kill the Killer game can be played on Apollo Munich’s homepage anytime, anywhere and as many times as you would like to.

All you need to do is swat as many mosquitoes as you can in 20 seconds and check your score thereafter.

You can share your score on Facebook and Twitter, and can even invite your friends to play it.

Speaking about the idea behind the game, Antony Jacob, Chief Executive Officer, Apollo Munich said, Gamification has undoubtedly become a very strong communication tool and the whole world talking about Pokémon Go corroborates it.

The Internet offers a world of activities that people can indulge in and through this gamification means we are hoping to raise awareness for dengue, educate consumers about the disease, and thereby infuse an interest in people to banish dengue fear from their lives.

At Apollo Munich, we have always focused on innovation and this time around we are moving innovation from products to customer engagement.

The much awaited monsoon season in India not only brings respite to the summer and farmlands, but also brings with it a slew of healthcare frights, as stagnant water provides breeding grounds for many infection-borne mosquitos.

Dengue, leptospirosis, malaria, etc. all arrive within a month of the rains. Although these diseases can be treated, dengue has become the largest vector-borne disease and sometimes proves fatal, if left untreated.

Around 35% of the dengue cases in the world occur in India, and there were approximately a lakh cases reported in India in 2015.

Apollo Munich’s Dengue Care, India’s first over the counter health insurance policy provides Indians with financial support in battling the dreaded dengue disease, with no underwriting.

Available at a very affordable premium, Dengue Care has found immense favour with people across the country who want to reduce the burden of medical expenses for themselves and their loved ones, especially during the monsoon season, Mr. Jacob added.

Known for its innovative products, Apollo Munich has been active in its social media initiatives and with gamification, the company is taking its customer engagement initiatives to the next level.

People can share the game through social media and hence effect a larger understanding amongst the population.

The company is embracing the online medium to further uncomplicate insurance and make it easy to understand for people.

Moreover, such initiatives also help solve purchase-related concerns as well as the renewal processes.

About Apollo Munich Health Insurance:

Apollo Munich offers innovative and award-winning health, personal accident and travel insurance plans, with state-of-the art infrastructure and uncomplicated services, delivered by engaged employees.

It is a joint venture between the Apollo Hospitals Group, Asia’s largest healthcare group, and Munich Health, Munich Re’s health business segment, which offers global health insurance and reinsurance excellence.

About Dengue Care:

Apollo Munich is the only company offering a standalone, over the counter (OTC) health insurance indemnity plan exclusively for dengue called Dengue Care.

Dengue Care is available at an extremely affordable price. It also provides insurance coverage for home care and outpatient expense.

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