Apollo Munich Health Insurance introduces Critical Advantage rider

Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Leading health insurance company, Apollo Munich Health Insurance has launched Critical Advantage, a critical illness rider that not only covers treatment for 8 illnesses abroad, but also covers the travel and accommodation of one family member, in addition to the insured on cashless basis.

This is the first plan launched by Apollo Munich Health Insurance to cover travel and accommodation of insured and an accompanying person.

Easy Health and Optima Restore customers with sum insured of Rs. 10 lakhs or more can purchase the Critical Advantage rider in order to mitigate specific ailment costs that they would want to get treated at medical facilities outside India.

Critical Advantage covers illnesses such as neurosurgery, cancer, coronary artery bypass surgery, heart valve replacement/repair, live donor organ transplant, pulmonary artery graft surgery, aorta graft surgery and bone marrow transplant.

Under the Critical Advantage rider, Apollo Munich executives will provide policyholders assistance in determining treatment, travel and accommodation of the insured. The plan also includes a second opinion service for the illness.

According to a recent statistics revealed, there are about 2.8 million cases of cancer at any point of time in the country], while there has been an estimated increase of 40% of cardiovascular diseases cases in last 10 years.

The exorbitant costs of NCDs, including often lengthy and expensive treatment, lead to a large and growing burden to individuals and families. When someone plans to get treated abroad, this cost gets compounded manifolds.

Speaking about the launch of the Critical Advantage rider, Antony Jacob, CEO, Apollo Munich Health Insurance said, “At Apollo Munich, we will not only assist policyholders in determining the best healthcare facility abroad for the treatment they seek, but will also help arrange accommodation and travel tickets for both the insured and the family member travelling abroad.

The Critical Advantage rider is a very friendly cashless cover, without any co-pay clause or sub limits, to opt for planned treatment abroad.”

The Critical Advantage rider is offered on an individual basis and has two variants – USD 250,000(Rs.1.5 crores approx.) and USD 500,000 (Rs. 3 crores approx.).Premium for USD 250,000sum insured policy for a 35-year-old is Rs. 7,767; for a USD 500,000 sum insured, it is Rs. 8.947.

Given the high treatment cost abroad, Critical Advantage rider is an extremely affordable plan as it entails a premium which is lesser than an average policy, making planned treatment abroad accessible and hassle free.

“When it comes to healthcare, we all seek the best treatment available to treat a loved one.

There are some instances when Indians choose to travel abroad for medical treatment and the costs associated with medical care, as well as travel, and accommodation for the accompanying family members is a big concern” saysAntony Jacob, CEO, Apollo Munich Health Insurance”.

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