Insuring Children’s Health is Important

With changing dynamics of the healthcare business, it is foregone conclusion that Health Insurance is no more a product meant only for elderly people. In today’s world, where stress and uncertainty are inseparable from human life, Health Insurance is the best hedge against the rising cost of staying healthy.

In fact, having a Health Insurance is no more an option today – it is a necessity. With medical inflation estimated around 15% since last few years, not having a Health Insurance could be risky.

Despite understanding the importance of Health Insurance as a financial protection product, people generally show a relaxed attitude when it comes to taking Health Insurance for children.

The fact of today’s life is that the medical emergencies can strike on anyone and anytime, irrespective of age. While experiencing health issues in the old age is almost natural, the incidences of health issues in younger children are not rare.

In fact, young children need additional medical attention due to a variety of reasons. Let’s understand the need of Health Insurance among the young children.

Weaker immune system: Young children’s immune system is not fully developed, which means their natural capability to fight diseases is limited. Children, especially very young ones, are more vulnerable as their immune system is quite fragile.

Children’s propensity to health problems: Children are generally vulnerable to diseases due to their occupation. In general, they tend to contract diseases more than the adults.

They often tend to come in contact with other children who could be suffering with contagious diseases. They tend to eat food that is not always healthy and hygienic.

And they are also vulnerable to physical strain due to the sporting activities they get involved in. Any of these seemingly simple conditions can get serious if adequate care is not taken.

Prone to accidents due to slow reflexes: The reflexes of young children to external actions are relatively slower compared to grown-ups. Children’s reflexes to external actions develop with age. So till the time the reflexes are adequately developed, young children remain prone to accidents.

While children are susceptible to illnesses, diseases and accidents, specialized care – in terms of expertise and equipment – is required while treating them. And the specialized care comes at costs that more than the routine care.

Amid this scenario, one cannot afford to wait for the right time for taking Health Insurance. It is a product meant for everyone from a new-born child to an elderly individual – all of who are vulnerable to medical emergencies, irrespective of age, gender or family’s medical history.

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company understands that families stay financially protected against the costs of potential medical emergencies that involve young children and most of its key products are available to children.

HDFC ERGO’s flagship product Health Suraksha is available for children from the age of 91 days onwards if both parents are covered under same policy. HDFC ERGO’s comprehensive Personal Accident Coverage is also offered at affordable price extendable to the entire family in a single policy including dependent children.

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