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UNTIL a few yearsago, health insurersusec to cover only allopathic treatment while alterna­tive treatments were left, out of the insuranceambit.

This exclusion caused a lot of inconven­ience to people who re­lied on such treatments asayurveda, yoga, unani, siddha and homeopathy.

Today, with growing de­mand for alternativetreatments even for criti­cal ailments like heart disease and brain tumor, most insurers have start­ed offering numerous plans covering these al­ternative treatment methods.

Ayush is an acronym” used to refer to the Indi­an medical system of ayurveda, yoga & natur-opathy and homoeopa­thy, among others, which are outside the mainstream medical arena.

Some nutritional practices and diets are also covered under it. Unlike allopathy, alter­native treatments em­phasise more on the restoration of health and prevention rather than cure for diseases.

This branch of medicine works on different levels withoutany major side effects. Most of the in­surersreimburse ex­penses incurred towards inpatient alternativetreatment.

Some of thealternative ailments cov­ered under the Ayush benefit include vascular disorders andcardiac conditions,multiple sclerosis,diabetes, high cholesterol, slip disc, chronic low back pain, cancer, gastric and liver problems, eyedisorders, Alzheimer’s disease, polio and neurology, to name a few.

Some of theinsurers, which offerhealth coverage for Ayush treatment, include Star Health Insurance, Apollo Munich, Bajaj Al-lianzand HDFC ERGO.

Thereis no standalone health insurance policy for Ayush at present. While some companies cover the alternative treatments in their group insurance on request, other insurersoffer the coverage under basic health insurance policy.

Nature of insurance cov­erage may vary, depend­ing on the insurer or the insurance plan that you opt for.

Note that health insurance companies-do not offer cover if you un­derwent treatment in in­stitutions not recognized by the government orQuality Council of Indiaor National Accreditation Board on Health.

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