Attach account of insurance firm, orders court

The Permanent Lok Adalat (PLA) today ordered to attach the account of an insurance company, which refused to pay Rs 3.04 lakh to a complainant despite repeated reminders.

In the order passed by PLA Chairman PD Goyal, it has been stated that the amount would be taken from the account of Iffco Tokio General Insurance Company Limited, which is with Syndicate Bank, by attaching the account.

The manager of the bank has also been directed to prepare a demand draft (DD) in the name of the beneficiary so that the amount may be handed over to the complainant with court’s intervention.

Gurpreet Singh (34) had complained that his Ashok Leyland truck was insured by this company and it met with an accident near Goniana on July 3, 2014.

The vehicle got severely damaged in the accident and could not be repaired. However, the workshop where the vehicle was taken for repairs sought Rs 11. 64 lakh to restore and repair the vehicle.

The surveyor of the insurance company estimated that an amount of Rs 4.30 lakh would be spent.But the surveyor added a note that the exact cost may exceed or decrease once the vehicle is opened for repairs.

The complainant pleaded that since the repair cost had exceeded 75 per cent of the insured’s declared value (IDV), the vehicle should be treated as total loss.He stated that he had paid a premium of Rs 26,936 to maintain the insurance cover.

The complainant said apart from the written pleas, he also made many rounds of the office of the insurance company, after which an amount of Rs 5,35,630 was paid out of Rs 8.40 lakh and Rs 3,04,370 was withheld.

The remaining amount was not released by the company despite making repeated pleas.The reminders in this regard were even issued by the court, seven times, to the company but the officials refused to pay the amount.

The chairman of the PLA, after going through the complainant’s application, ordered to attach the account of the insurance company and ordered the manager of Syndicate Bank to make a DD in the name of Gurpreet Singh within seven days from today.

The next date of hearing of this case is fixed for February 25, wherein the complainant is likely to get the DD of his pending amount of Rs 3.04 lakh.

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